Introductory Session

English Reading for Kids

An exclusive 12 week course designed for kids to become confident readers using 12 easy symbols with phonics

You can try a FREE session before you buy the course

FREE Introductory English Reading session

In this introductory session with the instructor, you will be introduced to The Nardagani Program
Personal interaction with Instructor
45 mins of orientation
Session with the child to introduce Nardagani and read with symbols, assess level based on current reading ability
Information and details regarding the course including sample revision videos and assignments
Q&A and more details about Kyt with an understanding of the next steps for enrollment

Interactive course that kids love

• Improvement in vocabulary and pronunciation
• Connection between sounds and the written text
• Better reading speed and fluency

One course, several benefits

Improvement in concentration and confidence
Promotes emotional regulation, while improving empathy
Encourages creativity, ingenuity, and positive thinking

Practice made easy and fun

• Engaging revision videos
Library of highly engaging and fun videos to help your child practice
• Follow-up assignments
Each course have assignments designed to help the child progress

Learn with qualified teachers trained in Nardagani

Narda Pitkethly
Derived from the Japanese Hiragana system, the Nardagani program is simple and intuitive. It helps eliminate the guesswork involved in reading. Nardagani lessons have fun, interactive exercises and games to help learn the symbols. Narda is renowned in North America for inventing the program, and has multiple patents pending. Her program has shown phenomenal results across age groups, where readers have learned English faster and better, thanks to Nardagani.

Kids love us

Nardagani is a great reading program. Reyansh's reading skills have improved tremenduously. He was able to understand the instructions without my assistance and he is already started reading books above his age level is a testament that this reading program works for kids.

Vishal Sanghra

The Nardagani Reading program is designed for new readers and struggling readers alike, across all ages, who want to learn how to read and properly pronounce English language.

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The beauty of this program is that children across age groups and reading levels can benefit, and learn to read better. Nardagani is suitable for all learners.

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Each student will have access to a library of recorded videos, and practice lessons to help them learn better.

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You will see a marked improvement in your child's reading skills, and confidence. They'll be more fluent, with an increased reading speed.

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Absolutely not. The course is designed to help them master English for life. Once the student is confident in sounding out the words, the symbols fade away, but the learning is permanent.

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In order to deliver personalized learning, all courses available on Kyt have a limited teacher to student ratio. All sessions are delivered live, with a teacher to student ratio 1:1 or 1:4.

This ensures that each student gets personal attention, something that isn't always guaranteed in sessions offline. Students also benefit from immediate, real-time feedback and correction, which is not possible in recorded sessions.

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