Introductory Session

Yoga for Kids

A 12 week interactive theme-based Yoga program to learn asanas and mindfulness
5 - 12 years

24 sessions

Private (1-on-1)

per session

You can try a FREE session before you buy the course

FREE Introductory Yoga session

In this introductory session with the instructor, you can let your child explore the world of yoga
Personal interaction with Instructor
45 mins of orientation
Session with the child to explore interest in yoga, assess level based on current fitness and flexibility
Information and details regarding the course including sample revision videos and assignments
Q&A and more details about Kyt with an understanding of the next steps for enrollment

Interactive course that kids love

• Practice of Asanas
• Imbibe key values
• Learn breathing exercises

One course, several benefits

Encourages creativity, ingenuity, and positive thinking
Promotes emotional regulation, while improving empathy
Improves concentration, balance and confidence

Practice made easy and fun

• Engaging revision videos
Library of highly engaging and fun videos to help your child practice
• Follow-up assignments
Each course have assignments designed to help the child progress

Learn with certified kid's yoga experts

Sabrina Merchant
Sabrina is a Kids Yoga Expert, certified by The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, and has been teaching children since 2018. Her teaching method is specifically designed for children, which she conceptualised to teach yoga to her 7-year-old daughter. She is loved by her young students since her sessions take them on a new adventure each week.

per session

Kids love us

My kid, Aaleahya, loves the yoga classes from Sabrina. She adds a story to her yoga lessons and kids not only learn about Yoga but also about the environment, geography, etc. The theme-based yoga sessions make the poses extremely fun.

Parikshit Lalvani

Each session is delivered live, in real time, and is designed in an easy-to-follow format, with interactive audio visuals for immersive learning.

The levels progress according to age and difficulty level. For beginners across age groups, no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Completing the Beginner course is mandatory to progress to the Intermediate course, and completing both – Beginner and Intermediate – is mandatory for consideration into the Advanced course. This ensures that the students progress with the foundation in place, allowing for better growth and learning.

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All sessions are delivered live, with a teacher to student ratio of 1:1 or 1:4 depending on the batch size selected at the time of enrollment. Kyt sessions are delivered through an easy to use video conferencing solution.

Our platform allows students to navigate the platform themselves and have an immersive learning experience with their teachers.

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In order to deliver personalized learning, all courses available on Kyt have a limited teacher to student ratio. All sessions are delivered live, with a teacher to student ratio 1:1 or 1:4.

This ensures that each student gets personal attention, something that isn't always guaranteed in sessions offline. Students also benefit from immediate, real-time feedback and correction, which is not possible in recorded sessions.

For the yoga course, balance and posture is extremely important and the teacher needs to pay close attention to all students involved.

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Students will have access to a library of yoga poses that will help them revise in between their sessions. These will get unlocked after each session is completed.

While each course has live sessions, led by the instructor, revision material is unlocked after each session. Revision material includes recorded videos specifically designed to encourage practice in between sessions. Introducing animation and gamification in revision encourages students to revise often and practice more to get better.

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Students will receive a certificate of completion when they complete all sessions in their level. If the student misses a session due to any reason, please reach out to our student support team to reschedule the missed session. A minimum attendance of 85% is required to complete a level.

The certificate awarded at the end of the level is based on completion. Progression to the next level, however, is at the discretion of the teacher based on assessment of the student's learning ability, performance, and inclination.

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Please reach out to the Kyt Course Coordinators through chat or email and we'll be happy to help.

Generally all courses are fully refundable before the second session (unless specified otherwise), please let us know then if you are unhappy for any reason.

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