5 YouTube channels where children can learn to sing online

5 YouTube channels where children can learn to sing online

When it comes to singing, it’s something we as humans are intrinsically wired to do. From the time when we are toddlers, music becomes a key part of our childhood. Lullabies, nursery rhymes and hymns shape our instincts of hearing and processing different sounds and rhythms. It’s no surprise then that many parents these days are on the hunt for the best vocal teachers available for their children.

With the way things are now, sending your children out to an actual singing class for kids can become a bit tedious. However, the age of the internet has changed the way people learn new things; and just like adults, kids can pick up a lot of new skills and hobbies from content available on the internet. This includes singing as well. In fact, introducing your child to simple vocal lessons at an early age gives them a fun, self-sufficient and creative outlet to enjoy the rest of their lives. Here are a few handpicked YouTube channels that are perfect for kids to start learning how to sing before deciding to go to formal vocal lessons.

  1. Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials is a great place to begin. With over 165000 subscribers, Dr. Dan is the go-to Youtube channel for actually learning how to sing. Dan goes deep into the world of singing, going so far as to even explain exactly how our vocal cords work when we sing. He also has a lot of content to help you keep your singing voice in top condition and how to best maintain and take care of your vocal cords. Learning the fundamentals is key to acquiring 
  2. The OctavesOnline channel should be your choice If you’re looking for Indian classical vocal lessons/ They have perhaps one of the biggest libraries of pre-recorded video lessons for classical Indian vocals on Youtube. These videos are extremely easy to understand and learn from. They’re perfect for young children who show an interest in learning hindustani, carnatic, and Indian classical music. 
  3. For western vocals, Tara Simon Studios is a great channel to follow. She has close to 50 videos in a playlist titled ‘Tutorials’, and this playlist is one of the biggest reasons she has over 615000 subscribers. Tara also regularly critiques and analyses performances of other vocalists to help you understand how certain notes are hit and sings are sung. It’s a great way for children to dive deeper into the technicalities of singing and learn how to sing popular songs the right way. 
  4. Siddharth Slathia is a well known name in Bollywood and shot to fame on Youtube after his covers gained massive popularity. Apart from his official videos, Siddharth also has a step-by-step playlist of videos that teach how to sing Indian classical songs. And if your child is interested in Bollywood music there loads of videos on his channel for them to sing along to as well. 
  5. Valerie White Williams runs the Vocal Splendor Studios channel on Youtube and her channel is a treasure chest for someone who wishes to teach their kids western vocals. She has a dedicated playlist of over 60 videos, each very detailed and thorough and super easy to follow for people of all ages. These videos include everything from breathing exercises to understanding what type of singer you are to even teaching the right posture one should have while attempting to sing.

Keep in mind that while these videos can teach your kids the basics of different styles of singing, there is a world of difference when you have an actual vocal teacher guiding you along the way. And you don’t need to go out of your way to find singing classes for kids near you. You can get them to learn how to sing right from home! At Kyt, you can sign your kids up for online vocal classes, either as personalised individual classes or in the form of small-group online lessons.

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