12 Days of Christmas with Kyt

12 Days of Christmas with Kyt

Christmas spirit is (almost) upon us so we thought, why not do something to celebrate it? We conduct courses and workshops week in and week out anyway. So, to make it a bit more special, we decided to run a 12-day series of FREE workshops and LIVE events, and we are aptly calling it 12 Days of Christmas. 

In other words, we are asking our dearest — kids — to celebrate Christmas with Kyt. 

So, what can one expect from ‘12 Days of Christmas’? Well, something much beyond online courses for kids. Think of it as a gentle mix of varied subjects and disciplines and activities — served non-stop for 12 days. And if you are in a hurry, you can click here for all the details. However, if you have a bit of time, you must read further. 

Over the course of 12 days, we are mixing in different disciplines to find something for every child out there to participate in. From Deepak Tulsyan teaching Bollywood dance to Ketki showing how to bake to Sabrina Merchant’s live yoga session, we will get going each day with something fresh to offer. 

On Day 4, we’ll have #KytQuiz (which is more of a Twitter staple on Saturday) on both Instagram as well as Twitter. For a change, the questions will be themed around Christmas. We strongly recommend participating parents to take help from their child during this quiz. 

Later, we have scheduled an immersive workshop with the celebrated cartoonist Sketchy Sultaan and then, there is a watercolour painting session as well. Whether your kid likes to sketch or not, make sure they attend these workshops because we are certain of one thing: they will like being a part of an event where a lot of kids will be dabbling in colours and designs. 

Oh, and for those who love crafts, we have an origami workshop as well, for kids aged between 9 and 15 years. We expect to see a lot of happy little faces creating beautiful forms and shapes out of paper. 

Our star faculty Kamakshi & Vishala are adored by our young students and they will be conducting a workshop on Christmas carols on Day 10. This will be fun as it’s going to take place LIVE on our Instagram page, and anybody can join in.  

We’ve been excited about adding Chess into our curriculum — our dedicated team is at work as we speak — and what can be more exciting than having a chat with chess grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi? We are delighted to have him as a part of our faculty and he will be talking on Day 11 on topics related to his chess journey so far and what he thinks about the rising popularity of online chess in India. 

For the finale, on Day 12, we have Kruti Parekh, Asia’s first female mentalist, with a special treat for children. She will be conducting an hour long magic show with the aim to deliver kids a message about the power of having positive mindset. You can’t possibly miss this!

We strongly hope that your child participates in as many events as possible. It’d be a memorable experience for them; something we are very certain about.

If you find this blog post useful, do spread the word about ‘12 Days of Christmas’ with fellow parents as well. 




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