Let’s Fly With Kyt For a Change

Let’s Fly With Kyt For a Change

What’s the first thought that strikes your mind when you look at a soaring kite? For us, a kite represents the endless possibilities of learning: they say that the sky is limitless, we think that the lessons are limitless too.

In other words, kites are meant to fly high. And so are children. At least, this is what we at Kyt believe in – day in and day out. 

And to celebrate this spirit, we are introducing FLY WITH KYT for parents to buy our Academy courses for their children at 25% OFF. It’s a limited offer and applies to each of the 6 following courses on Kyt Academy  –

All you’ve got to do is use the promocode FLYWITHKYT while paying for the selected course. 

We are also glad to announce that we are now open to all countries. Over the past few months, we’ve been constantly receiving requests from parents across the globe asking us to do the needful. Going forward, anybody from any part of the world will be able to register and buy courses on Kyt and/or take introductory sessions for their kids. 

Our overall objective is to ensure that we continue to be a platform to nurture kids in the extracurricular space. In the last few months, we’ve created a stable outlet for Academy courses as well as engaging workshops. We aim to see more and more children benefit from our enthusiasm for providing holistic education backed by structured curriculum. 

Whichever course your kid enrolls for on Kyt Academy, they not only get access to live sessions to learn from, but also gain access to a library of animated and engaging revision content, where they can watch our star instructors explain what they have just learned.

To our credit, we are seeing rising interest for Kyt from parents from across the globe. This development speaks volumes about the necessity of extracurricular pursuits in these testing times. It also inspires us to stay focused on our mission of reaching out to more and more children and ensuring our pedagogy standards remain high. Just like a kite. 

Looking forward to seeing you and your child with us on Kyt Academy soon!




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