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Teaching with Kyt

Step 1

Submit the application form to list your workshop on Kyt.

Step 2

Our team will get in touch with you to verify your profile and help you setup.

Step 3

That’s it! Manage your schedule, start teaching and earning!

Why teach with Kyt?

Flexible earning

Earn from the comfort of your home! Work according to your schedule. Be your own boss!

Remote workshops

Teach from anywhere! All you need is a Laptop and a steady Internet connection.

Teach globally

Reach students from around the world and spread your knowledge globally with Kyt!

Zero listing Fees

List your workshops for free on Kyt. We do not charge any subscription or listing fees.

Flexible batch sizes

Choose your batch size. Conduct workshops for 5, 10 or even 500 students at once.

Our existing Workshop Partners

Passionate, experienced partners

Great teachers is just the start. We partner with distinguished institutes and artistes, world over, to help students excel in their chosen fields.

Our workshop partners are trained in delivering classes online, so students benefit from real-time interaction allowing for immediate feedback and personalised attention.

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Believe in bringing holistic education to every child?
Let’s make magic together.

About us

We believe that supporting a child’s inclination to learn new things aren’t “additional” or extra – they are essential to all-round development. Nurturing interests outside the world of academia equips children with essential life skills. We want the children who sign up for classes to find something that interests them, and wish to pursue it whole-heartedly.

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