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The theory of multiple intelligences was first proposed by Howard Gardner (developmental psychologist and currently Research Professor of Education at Harvard).

Intelligence is often understood as intellectual potential; something we are born with, and generally believed to be singular, or at best dual in nature. It is a capacity that is also believed to be difficult to change. The theory of multiple intelligences suggests an alternate way to understand and nurture intellectual development.

MIT suggests that while a person might be particularly inclined to a certain field or interest, like music, it is not their only area of strength, and it's very possible for them to have a range of abilities.

Educators have used tests devised to help students identify their multiple intelligences to help them nurture and develop multiple areas of interest.

And now you can too.
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Multiple Intelligence Test
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Thank you for completing the test to help determine your child's multiple intelligences.

Following the full results below, are 's strongest intelligences, and the ones to nurture.

We recommend reading these results as a guide, and to not limit your child from exploring interests outside of the suggested intelligences.

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’s MIT Results
Verbal / Linguistic
Mathematical / Logical
Musical / Rhythmic
Visual / Spatial
Bodily / Kinesthetic
Interpersonal / People
Intrapersonal / Reflective
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